This blog is a record of my residency (in association with the Know your Bristol on the Move project), which took place between March and September 2015.

A brief history of the project.

Know your Bristol is a collaborative project between the University of Bristol, Bristol City Council and several Bristol community groups. The project aims to enable people to explore, research and co-create Bristol history, heritage and culture using digital tools. Between 2012 and 2013 Know Your Bristol worked with local residents’ groups to create a ‘community history layer’ on Bristol City Council’s online interactive map, Know Your Place.

The current phase of this expanded project, Know Your Bristol on the Move, is working with Bristol Archives and has bought a number of important digitised archival collections into the public realm.

One of these is the Vaughan postcard collection, which contains over 9,000 postcards of Bristol and surrounding areas, the majority of which date from early 20th Century. The cards were collected by the late Mr Roy Vaughan and were donated to Bristol Archives. These have been ‘digitised’ and a group of community volunteers are researching the postcards and uploading their findings to the online historical mapping website Know Your Place.

Know your Bristol on the Move has provided me with the opportunity to undertake an artist residency to work with the Vaughan postcard collection at Bristol Archives. This blog aims to document my process of working with this collection.


You can find out more about the Know your Bristol project here.