The section in my last post about the marks that are contained on the reverse of the card visually reflecting the journey the postcard has taken in terms of its ownership, made me think of other types of journeys the postcards have taken. The literal journey it has taken within the postal system. The journey it has taken between homes; from it’s initial production to the postcard store, to being purchased and sent, to being acquired by Vaughan and then to its current home at the Bristol Record Office. The short journeys it continues to take from the storage room to search room at the Record Office.

This has made me think not only of ownership but also the many networks the postcards inevitably create. The status, value and purpose of the postcards have shifted along this journey. Most recently from a private to a public collection.

Although currently, the postcards purpose is for research and preservation for future posterity, they were once forms of communication, intended to be released into the world. I think my work will find a way to continue circulating them somehow.