After my tour of the Bristol Record Office, I spent some time in the search room looking at some of the Vaughan postcard categories. Nick had mentioned a postcard which showed a shop called the Postcard King, which I really wanted to view. I managed to find it under the category ‘Postcards relating to shops and trade’.

PC King

In the category ‘Postcards of Views’, under the sub-heading ‘Aerial Views’ there was a small collection in an envelope called ‘Six birds eye views of Clifton taken from the Captive Balloon’.

Captive Ballon envelope

I came across a postcard message with reference to an annotation on the image (although its difficult to make out in this image).  The annotation is marking the location of the postcard senders house.

X our houseX our house image

I also came across this curious postcard format with a series of images folded like a book into an envelope.

Severn Beach envelopeenvelope two