I had my first meeting at the Bristol Record Office (BRO) on 24th March with Julian Warren (Senior Archivist, Bristol Record Office), Nick Nourse, (Research Assistant for the Know Your Bristol on the Move project and volunteer coordinator for the postcard project) and Angela Piccini (Co-Investigator on the Know Your Bristol on the Move project). We meet for an initial discussion regarding the Vaughan collection and how the residency may progress.

Some items of note that came up during this discussion;

I asked the group whether they thought of the collection as postcards or photographs. The consensus was postcards. Having looked at some of the collection, I feel that some of the cards feel like postcards (have a somewhat commercial aspect), however others feel like documentary photographs.

Nick mentioned that in early 20th century, post was received several times a day. I want to keep in mind that one of the important functions of postcards is its form of communication.  We spoke about the postcards being todays equivalent of emails, tweets etc.

The reverse side (message/address side) of the postcards have not been digitised. Some of the cards reverse sides are blank, others do contain messages. This aspect of the postcards potentially feels like a rich area of research to consider and further investigate.

Printing/publishing houses of the postcards – are any of them still operating?

Some discussion around the volunteers and the steps they go through during their work. Nick mentioned giving some guidelines but not being too prescriptive and letting them get on with it. If not following a formula it will be interesting to see how the volunteers are approaching the research in different ways.

The BRO have kept the categories that Roy Vaughan introduced as way of organising the postcards.