As a result of my residency working with the Vaughan collection I would like to print a series of postcards. The image side will be scanned reproductions of the message side of a selection of postcards from the collection. The message/reverse side will be a postcard with space for communication and address. This side will adhere to early 20th century printing techniques and I will print the text using letterpress.

I will be doing some research into printing companies in Bristol that can help produce these cards.

Christine, one of the Vaughan postcard volunteers has already sent me a list of some interesting messages and I have also been collecting various messages I have come across during my visits to the Record Office. However, I do intend to meet up with Christine again to ‘mine’ the collection for further messages.

There will be an event for the Know your Bristol on the Move project at M Shed on 18th September, which will be an opportunity to show my work. Visitors will be able to take the postcards at this event, in the hope that they will be posted and/or become a part of another collection.